A striptease is a form of exotic dancing that is becoming more and more popular. In this form of dance the dancer will take off their clothing and dance in a seductive and sexual manner. This dance is performed at clubs and can also be performed at private parties.

The striptease is an exotic dance that involved undress in a slow and seductive manner. Clothing is layered so that it can be taken off. The purpose of this dance is to enjoy the sensual movement and not just the nudity. In the past once the dancer was undressed the dance was over. In modern times the dancer will also keep dancing even after the clothing is gone. Taking the clothing off is part of the act and the stripper can interact with the audience if she chooses while she is dancing.

Countries all over the world have their own form of stripteases. Some countries encourage the dance to get naked while others limit the level of nudity. Some of the performances are even considered to be artsy. These is just one of the popular dances when it comes to erotic dancing. This dance will allow a woman to seduce her audience.