Erotic Dancing

Erotic dancing has been around for thousands of years. The object of this dance is to provide entertainment and to stimulate sexual thoughts to those that are watching the dance. While many people associate this form of dancing with nudity , it is not required. There are several dances that are sexual in nature without the dancer becoming fully naked.

Erotic dancing dates back to the time of ancient Egypt and were rather common. This form of dancing was performed to the God of fertility and beauty. This dance also helped the dancer enter a new spiritual realm and it was not uncommon for the dancer to have an orgasm while they were dancing.

The Romans and the Greeks have enjoyed erotic dancing. The women that were selected to dancer were the most beautiful in their villages. These women put their heart and their soul into the dance. While they were dancing they would remove their clothing. At this time in history erotic dancing was a form of art and the naked body was a normal part of life.

Erotic dancing was used as part of a celebration during the time of the Romans.

Dancer on stage
These dances were performed at large gatherings and parties.

When the 20th century came around the erotic dancers put on their performances in clubs. Not all of these clubs were accepted at first. Even in the United States the cincinnati strippers dancing clubs were often burnt down. Las Vegas was one of the few places where erotic dance clubs were allowed to operate and thrive.

After this point erotic dancing got a bad reputation. It seemed that the dancers were not thought of as artists but women that were taking off their clothing to pleasure man and would perform sexual favors for money. Many of these clubs were in the back alleys of cities and were often shady spots to hang out.

Modern erotic dancing is changing again. While there are still some less than respectable clubs many of these establishments are run within the guidelines of strict laws. The only expectation of the dancers is to put on a good show to entertain the crowed.

Erotic dancing has been around for thousands of years. This form of dancing was used to celebrate the human body and human sexuality. While it has changed over the years many people still watch their dance to be stimulated and to have a good time.